2017 Lovin’ My Library Contest

‘Tis the Season of Giving … so let’s give FOUR great books away!

The Lovin’ My Library contest is your opportunity to give four books to your much-loved local library. There will be 50 winning libraries – each winning four bestselling, autographed books!


How Do I Help My Library Win Books?

It’s easy. All you have to do to nominate your local library is send an email to Reader@AnnCharles.com with “Lovin’ My Library” in the Subject line by December 30, 2017. PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL:

  • The name of your library.
  • If your nomination wins you will be asked for the name and email of the person at the library who receives/accepts books to enter into their library catalog system. (please verify with your library that they accept donated books)
  • The library’s mailing address and web link.
  • Include your name and mailing address.

NOTE: Listing all of the above information in your email will ensure your library is entered in the drawing. Winners will be announced in early January 2018.

What Does My Library Win?

If your library is one of the fifty winning entries drawn at the end of December, we will mail four printed books: Look What the Wind Blew In by Ann Charles, The Warrior Trainer by Gerri Russell, Switching Hour by Robyn Peterman, and Death’s Refrain by Terri Reid to your library. All four books are bestsellers by award-winning, bestselling authors.

Because this gift is actually from YOU and not us, your name will be listed as the “donor” on the inside cover of each book. Each winning library will also receive bookmarks to share with other patrons and will be mentioned on this webpage and Facebook.

BONUS! As a donor, YOU will receive a custom autographed magnet as a “Thank you!” from Ann, Gerri, Robyn and Terri. How often do you get to win a promo prize with FOUR bestselling author signatures on it AND feel good about helping your library acquire bestselling books for free???

What Are the Details Again?

To enter the Lovin’ My Library contest, email the name of your library, the library mailing address and web link. (Also, include your name and mailing address) to Reader@AnnCharles.com with “Lovin’ My Library” in the Subject line by December 30, 2017. Winners will be announced in early January 2018.

If you have any questions, email them to Reader@AnnCharles.com



♥ Ann, Gerri, Robyn & Terri



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