UPDATE: 2018 “Traveling with Ann” Calendar Contest WINNERS

And the winners are …

You voted for your favorite picture and now there are 13 winning photos for the 2018 desk calendar (the extra is on the front of the calendar).

There are 17 winning photos in the 2018 wall calendar version due to multiple ties. The wall calendar also has 24 quotes from Ol’ Man Harvey (12 motivational quotes and 12 “just for fun” quotes).

Check out the favorites you all chose below. Woo hoo!

In addition to the winning photos, we now have 10 lucky voters who have won an autographed desktop calendar. If your name is listed here, please send me an email at reader@anncharles.com with CALENDAR WINNER in the Subject line and your mailing address in the body of the email. I’ll be sending the autographed calendars to the winners in early December.

Amanda Branstrator
Ashley Zehnder
Brigid Fahey
Debbi Gilmartin
Dodie Osbourne
Larry Horton
Mark Davis
Nelsina Apley
Richard Tucker
Tonia Hoover

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all who helped me select which of my photos to include in this coming year’s calendar.

NOTE: If you’re interested in purchasing a wall or desk calendar, visit my Shopify Store.


From earlier in November …

Yay! Calendar contest time again. It’s time to vote for your favorite photos to go into my 2018 Traveling with Ann calendars.

Check out the pictures below taken during my 2017 travels near and far and chose ONE picture as your favorite in the comments below (type the picture number). Votes will be tallied on November 10, 2017. I’ll share which 12 photos had the most votes the following week. NOTE–Your comment will appear AFTER I approve it behind the scenes (have to keep spammers out).

In addition, I’ll do a random drawing from those who voted in the comments below and choose 20 lucky winners for an autographed desktop calendar!

Let the voting begin!   Ann


Number One

Fiery Sunrise—Prescott, Arizona


Number Two

Christmas Day Storm—Northeastern Texas


Number Three

Back Road Canopy—Central Louisiana


Number Four

Beach Sunset—Southwest Florida

WINNER (Wall Calendar only)

Number Five

Winter Morning—Prescott, Arizona


Number Six

Tracks in the Snow—Prescott, Arizona


Number Seven

Rusted Car—Vulture Mine, Arizona



WINNER (Wall Calendar only)

Number Eight

Rusted Remains—Vulture Mine, Arizona


Number Nine

Saguaros Spines—Wickenburg, Arizona


WINNER (Wall Calendar only)

Number Ten

Mesa Views—Mesa Verde Nat. Park, Colorado



Number Eleven

Petrified Jewels—Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Number Twelve

Poppy Time—Prescott, Arizona

Number Thirteen

Stormy Skies—Southeastern Colorado



Number Fourteen

Farmland Sunset—Fayette, Ohio

Number Fifteen

Pokey Beauties—Cortez, Colorado


Number Sixteen

Black Hills Splendor—Deadwood, South Dakota


Number Seventeen

Mt. Moriah Cemetery Views—Deadwood, South Dakota

WINNER (Wall calendar only)

Number Eighteen

Coop’s Hangout—Deadwood, South Dakota

Number Nineteen

Puget Sound Plant Life—Hartstine Island, Washington


Number Twenty

Mesa Verde National Park Lodging—Colorado

Number Twenty-One

Meandering Little Colorado River—Arizona



Number Twenty-Two

Granite Mountain—Prescott, Arizona


Number Twenty-Three

Fall’s High Desert Yellows—Prescott, Arizona



Number Twenty-Four

Monument Awe—Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah State Line

Number Twenty-Five

Wild Horses—Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah State Line



Number Twenty-Six

Fall Splendor—Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado


203 responses to “UPDATE: 2018 “Traveling with Ann” Calendar Contest WINNERS”

  1. Jennifer Thomas says:


  2. Beth Habegger says:

    Number 22

  3. Nora Hazelwood says:

    Number 9!

  4. Pam Logan says:

    I choose number 5. 👍🏼😁

  5. Diana Evans says:

    Number 7

  6. Cathy Wallen says:

    My vote is for number 4.

  7. Connie Ideker says:


  8. J.D. Hall says:

    Number Twenty four

  9. Even though they’re all outstanding,I remember this one the most. It’s unique.

  10. Sandy Sorola says:

    Number 26

  11. Lindsey Anderson says:

    One..one..one..love the colors!

  12. Liz A. says:

    Number Two

  13. Bitsie Herrera says:

    Number Ten

    Loved them all! It was difficult to choose just one out of all these beautiful shots! Thank you for sharing!

  14. So many to chose from!


  15. Tara S says:


    Christmas Day Storm

  16. Kris Martinez says:

    Number 5

  17. Jessica Lablanc says:

    Number 8

  18. Sandy Subert says:


  19. Sheila Gierek says:

    So very many amazing choices! I love them all but if I must choose just one, I choose no. 20. They are all stunning but I keep getting drawn back to the Lodging and imagining the lives loved there. Ann, they really are all amazing. You can’t go wrong.

  20. LuanneWebb says:

    Number 26

  21. Triniti says:

    Love them all but #1 has my vote

  22. Dee Dee Fuller says:


  23. Andrea says:

    Beautiful pictures #1 Is my favorite

  24. Nancy J. Frazey says:

    I pick #3 picture

  25. Lalah says:

    Love love love #2

  26. Wanda says:

    Number 1

  27. Eva Davis says:

    # 22

  28. Amber Howell says:

    My vote is for 26. Gorgeous photo!!! Love the colors.

  29. Victoria Smith says:


  30. Ashley Zehnder says:

    #4! 🙂

  31. Virginia Stucko says:


  32. Linda Davis says:


  33. Brenda Allen says:

    There is just something haunting about #8, like there is a story waiting to be told. Love reading all your books, so thank you for becoming an author.

  34. Angie Geissman says:

    Number 10

  35. Brigid Fahey says:

    Number 1

  36. Denise Clark says:

    #1 is my fav!!

  37. Sara Barenbrugge says:


  38. Shy Rask says:

    Number 2. You make this extrodinarily hard by the way, they are all fantastic.

  39. Loretta Noon says:

    Number 22

  40. Nelsina Apley says:

    Number 18

  41. Sharon Ruffy says:


  42. John Grandinetti says:

    Number 5

  43. Sandy Fredrick says:

    These are all beautiful and I had a hard time choosing but I pick #15

  44. Beverly Jennings says:

    Number 26. Difficult to choose just one.

  45. Barb Harlan says:


  46. Catherine Scott says:


  47. Darlene says:

    Love skies in pic 1

  48. Kirsty says:

    Too many good choices!

  49. Ellen Adams says:


  50. April Parrish says:

    the colors are breathtaking

  51. Claire Brezonick says:


  52. Robert toner says:

    22 it’s beautiful

  53. Jo Pfeiffer says:


  54. Sharrie says:

    Number 1 for me. A very tough decision. Some beautiful shots 🙂

  55. Rhonda VanAlstyne says:

    Number 19

  56. Sheryl Bosie says:

    Number 7. Love them all. You definitely could have had a career in photography!

  57. Mary L Briggs says:


  58. June Smith says:

    Number 13

  59. Erica Longbine says:

    Number 24

  60. Christie Marks says:


  61. Michael Bennett says:


  62. Denise Keef says:


    You made this so difficult to pick. They are all so gorgeous.

  63. Debbie Jenkins says:

    Number 14 Ilove the colors and the way you were able to capture the shadows. All the pictures are fantastic and it was so very hard to choose just one

  64. Michele Hammond says:

    #1 , very hard to choose just one . The calendar will be beautiful as always.😊

  65. Jan Alexander says:


  66. Pat Moshure says:


  67. Cheryl says:

    6. I love them all but a winter approaches here I kind of like looking at the snow from inside my home.

  68. Amanda Branstrator says:


  69. Valerie Melton says:

    number 4, I am a sucker for sunrise and sunsets!

  70. April hahn says:

    Numver 22

  71. Larry Horton says:

    #1. I’m a fan of sunsets and sunrises.

  72. Sue Stone says:

    #11 Gotta love those stones.

  73. Samantha R says:

    Number 22

  74. Michelle Ahrens says:

    I pick 22

  75. Jane Trangmoe says:

    Have to go with#11

  76. Timya Owen says:

    Number five

  77. Nola Knowles says:


  78. Melanie Harkless says:

    #7 this picture draws me in, for some reason.

  79. Elaina says:

    Totally unfair to make us pick JUST ONE!


  80. Tina says:

    The beautiful rays of number 22 is my vote. Smiles!

  81. Kelly Young says:

    I really like the Granite Mountain—Prescott, Arizona picture. The sky is stunning.

  82. Sandy Stiles says:

    There should be some pretty scenery of Deadwood in the calendar, so I choose #16.

  83. Michele Brady says:

    No. 7

  84. I saw number 1 and fell in love. The others were beautiful, too, but number 1 was the best!

  85. Aubrey Challquist says:

    Tough to choose, there are so many great photos in this list! I vote #3. Love you Ann!!! 😍

  86. Kathy Tucker says:

    Hard to choose, but #22 gets my vote this year

  87. Randy Harlan says:


  88. Marsha Bachmeier says:

    Number Twenty-Two

    Love the way the sun beams shine! 🙂

  89. Rhonda Ramos says:

    I love snow scenes.

  90. Becka says:

    All are beautiful photos but my choice is number 1.

  91. Kendra Maclean says:


  92. Jodi says:

    Love number 8

  93. Vickie Trangmoe says:


  94. Richard Tucker says:

    They are great pictures, but Mesa Verde is one the places I remember most from our old family vacations when I was growing up.

  95. Courtney Robertson says:


  96. Melissa Harville says:

    #25 bc it has horses in it. Really tough to pick only one, #7 is a story waiting to be told.

  97. Sherry says:

    Number 20

  98. I keep coming back to picture 2. Love it

  99. Tonia Hoover says:

    Gotta love those NW Ohio sunsets. All great pics, so hard to choose!!

  100. Jude says:

    Number 18 with the beautiful trees in the background

  101. Cathy says:

    14 – Love it – reminds me of home 🙂

  102. Elizabeth Conard says:

    #4 (although definitely go for #18 if you decide to do a Twin Peaks calendar)

  103. Debbi Gilmartin says:

    Number 22

  104. Vicki Huskey says:

    Love them all! #1 takes my breath away!

  105. Brenda Randolph says:


  106. Lisa Norvell says:

    Number 6. January?. So hard to pick just one

  107. Number six. Tracks in the snow

  108. Number six tracks in the snow

  109. Chrissy says:

    Number 6

  110. Christle Beuckens says:

    #16 stormy skies

  111. Dee says:

    Some mamy beautiful photos. I pick #4

  112. I like no 6 for December. They are all so good so hard to pick just one kinda like Lays potato chips you want more than one.

  113. Kelley Anderson says:

    Number 10

  114. Pat Dupuy says:

    Maybe you should do a 24 month calendar? No. 2 is a familiar sight and dramatic too!

  115. Melinda gagnon says:

    I vote for #5…what beauty. so many folks don’t expect the change in seasons in Arizona.

  116. Connie McDonough says:

    #4 – all of your pictures are gorgeous so it was hard to choose just one!

  117. Tammy Dalton says:

    I absolutely love number 22 !!

  118. Michael Evans says:

    Tough choice, but I will go with #5. It shows the diversity in this beautiful state that we have chosen to live.

  119. Debbie Rhoades says:

    Number 3

  120. Judy Saluri says:

    Number 22, I absolutely love the sun behind Granite Mountain!

  121. Cathie Burris says:

    Ann I think you have a typo…since this is for your 2018 calendar won’t the votes be tallied on November 10 2017 not 2018? 😊. LOVE all your pictures. Many of my favorites have already been chosen, including #6. Some of your best pictures were taken right at Home! 😊. But since this journey with all of us started in Deadwood, you have to include a Deadwood picture! I vote #17. Can’t wait to have the 2018 calendar hanging in my kitchen! ❤️

  122. Lynda Bowles says:

    Very hard to choose just one, but here goes Number One, I love a beautiful sunset and this one is awesome

  123. Mary Almey says:

    My vote is for number three. A canopied road leading somewhere, but what will be around the bend? So many possibilities await.

  124. Donald Wesolowski says:


  125. Laura Wollam says:

    Number 1

  126. Landra Chamberlain says:

    So many are beautiful. I vote number 22

  127. Heather Burton says:

    Number 24 though it was a tough choice between a few of them. Absolutely stunning pictures!

  128. Kim Braumann says:

    Number 5

  129. Michelle Davis says:

    So hard to decide…. I love them all! I guess if I have to pick just one #15

  130. Nancy Brinkman says:

    I absolutely love Monument Valley, so number 24 is it!

  131. Shannan Burke says:

    Number 16

  132. Cheyenne Harmon says:

    Number 18

  133. Brandi Baysinger says:

    #3 the trees are very homey

  134. Beth says:

    I vote for #10.

  135. Ally Capps says:

    Number #22 is stunning

  136. Wanda Cocke says:

    I vote for #6. All the pictures were beautiful, was hard to pick just one.

  137. Mary Beissner says:


  138. Rebecca S Wiley says:

    Number 20 please

  139. Stacey says:


  140. Peg says:

    They’re all great. Too bad there are 26 months in a year. But I think I’ll go with #11 as I love those stones.

  141. Elle Swisher says:

    Number 3

  142. Cindy says:

    Since I can only choose one, I pick number 25.

  143. Lucinda Nelson says:

    I love No. 6. It’s just so crystalline and perfect, like a jewelled mosaic.

  144. Judy Sescil says:

    8 was my favorite

  145. Becky Miller says:

    Number One

  146. Dawn M says:

    Number 4

  147. Carole Sadler says:


  148. Deb Hawrylyshyn says:

    Number 1!!
    They are all gorgeous, it was difficult to choose just one!

  149. HATTIE M HAMBRICK says:

    Number 9

  150. Dave Wood says:

    Number 8

  151. Scott Taylor says:


  152. Barbara Brady says:

    Number 24. But all are beautiful

  153. Wendy Ulewicz says:

    Number 1 is my choice, although they are all AMAZING!

  154. Cindy Doyle says:

    I will vote for Number 22, but I do love them all!!

  155. Christie Johnson says:

    Number 17

  156. Jonas says:

    Number 22 – Granite Mt.

  157. Linda Foster says:

    #22…love that SUN!!

  158. Claire says:

    Number 1. It reminds me of what my folks used to call “buttermilk” skies.

  159. Charlotte Capps says:

    They’re all beautiful but I especially love #3!

  160. Donna K Litton says:

    Number 24. BEAUTIFUL!

  161. Lesli Kerfien says:


  162. Micki Sewell says:

    They are all beautiful! But #4is my favorite!

  163. Debra Thomas says:

    I love your photography in general but I am voting for #19 Puget Sound Plant Life—Hartstine Island, Washington. It was close with #1 and #7. I am partial to cloud photos and the rusted car is framed great. I guess you just can’t take WA out of the girl. I love the light and how the plants look like they glow.

  164. Kristi Trawick says:

    Number 6. Someone enjoying the pristine snow and only leaving footprints behind.

  165. Debra Carpenter says:


  166. Debbie West says:


  167. Heather Chargualaf says:

    3. No 22. No No 3. Ugh woman you make it difficult….number 7

  168. Debbie Pryer says:

    Number 3

  169. Mark Davis says:


  170. Becca gouldin says:

    Number 16

  171. Sue Denice says:

    Whew, so hard, but going with 22!

  172. Joella Elbert says:

    So hard to choose, but have to go with number 1.

  173. barbara says:

    number 21 is my fav. it just makes me feel light hearted, and joyful.

  174. Joyce says:

    Picked #6 but lots of special ones like
    19, 21, 22, 24 are beautiful too. Good Luck in only picking 12.

  175. Monica Smith says:

    Number 14. While the Southwest is beautiful, an Ohio sunset rates high as well.

  176. Number 5
    Very difficult to choose. They are All Awesome, as Always!!!💜

  177. Melissa O'Kelly-Fulton says:

    Number 22 is amazing!!!

  178. Tanya Blue says:

    Number 8

  179. Rose Hafner says:

    # 5 Love it.

  180. Don Wichmann says:

    Number 8. Love the detail in the foreground.

  181. Dodie Osbourne says:


  182. Louise says:

    No. 8. The Vulcan Mine looks like a fun place to explore and I love the rusty wheel

  183. Collette says:

    Number one. All of them are glorious but I could look at #1 for a year. No matter what is chosen it will be a winner.

  184. Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn says:

    I vote for #22

  185. Amanda says:

    Photo #22. Absolutely stunning!

  186. Lisa Powers says:

    16 the black hills is my favorite!!!

  187. Shirley E Towner says:

    I vote for #3.

  188. Number one. All of them are glorious but I could look at #1 for a year. No matter what is chosen it will be a winner 2018

  189. Mary Parsons says:

    I have to stay with #14, Farmland sunset in Ohio. They are all so very beautiful but that one touches my heart!

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