Dig Site Series
Welcome to the jungle—the steamy Maya jungle that is, filled with ancient ruins, deadly secrets, and quirky characters. Quint Parker, renowned photojournalist (and lousy amateur detective), is in for a whirlwind of adventure and suspense as he and archaeologist Dr. Angelica Garcia get tangled up in mysteries from the past and present in exotic dig sites. Loaded with action and laughs, along with all sorts of steamy heat, these two will keep you sweating along with them as they do their best to make it out of the jungle alive in every book.
Book 2:
Make No Bones About It

Mystery, mayhem, and monkeys, oh my!

Welcome back to the jungle, a treacherous place teeming with terrible secrets better left buried.

Ancient History … A small civilization in the Maya jungle suffered a mysterious, bloody ending.

Recent History … A world-renown Mesoamerican archaeologist dug too deep in the same place and wound up dead.

Present Day … Dr. Angélica García has returned to the site of her mother’s death much to the displeasure of Quint Parker, the visiting photojournalist out to win her heart. While Angélica struggles to unearth the secrets behind the Maya site’s dark past, Quint battles to keep the gutsy “Boss Lady” from sharing her mother’s fate.

Will the two manage to unravel the disturbing truth hiding amongst the dig site’s bones before history repeats itself?

“This dig site isn’t cursed. It’s doomed!”

Book 1:
Look What the Wind Blew In

A steamy jungle, an ancient curse, a deadly secret—one big sweaty mess!

Welcome to the jungle …

A headstrong and determined archaeologist.
A tall, dark, and unwelcome photojournalist.
Both are trying to unearth secrets that have been long buried, but an ancient Maya curse threatens to destroy them … unless they can learn to trust each other enough to make it out of the jungle alive.

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