Future Books

Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series #5

Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series – Book 5

The Morgan sisters will be back with more mystery, mayhem, and crazy adventures.

(Estimated Release: Aug. 2018)

Deadwood Mystery Series #9

Deadwood Mystery Series – Book 9

Stay tuned for the return of Violet, Doc, Harvey, Cooper, Natalie, Cornelius, Aunt Zoe, Reid, and all of the other characters you love (and those you love to hate, too).

(Estimated Release: Late Feb. 2018)

Life at the Coffin Joint

This is another future series that I plan to develop as soon as I can fit it in to my release schedule
My name is Grace Wolfe, and I see dead folks…on a daily basis, and have ever since my father died five years ago and willed me his funeral home. Weird things–the crazy, prickle-your-skin kind—never used to happen to me, at least not until my customers started losing body parts and my assistant disappeared one day only to show up a week later with fangs and a fetish for blood-letting. And now Jack’s back. Our high school daydreams of marriage and kids took a back seat to his “calling.” After two decades, I’d given him up for dead. But now the bastard’s back, and the chief of police, who just happens to be my best friend, refuses to arrest him for desertion. She’s too busy hunting down some wacko who’s slaughtering pregnant women and trying to figure out why things keep going “thump” in the night in a dark house filled with cadavers. You can see why morning sickness isn’t the only thing making my head spin.

If I Fall You’re Going Down with Me

This is a future series starring the rough and rowdy residents of Goldfish Nevada, which I plan to develop as soon as I can fit it in to my release schedule. It will have the same characters as my short Christmas story, The Old Man’s Back in Town, which is available for purchase now as an ebook.

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