Adios Summer … Hello Fall!

It’s fall and you know what that means, right? If so, you should tell me, because I just know it means that my kids get a week off for Fall Break and we get to go on another […]


Life With Ann–July 2015

Hi, I’m B. Biddles, Ann’s husband. Ann is in the corner tapping at the keys of her laptop, whispering… I think I heard her say something about crunching sounds. The way she said it is creeping me out. […]


Cavorting About In February

Happy cavorting to you! It’s been a busy month here with both of my kids having birthdays just two days apart. In between all of the partying and revelry, I found a moment to put out a new […]


Fall into Sunshine in Jackrabbit Junction

Happy October! I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the Christmas Decoration season, which is what October seems to have become in many retail stores. I went into the hardware store today to find a fun rug for […]


Once Upon a Summer Day…

Wow, it’s summer already!  Where did spring go? It seems like I went “dark” for a few months here on my website.  We decided to sell our house this year and spent February and March AND April prepping […]

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