Creating a Genre of Her Own

Publisher Weekly says  ~ Ann Charles writes books with an even balance of mystery, romance, and dark humor

Ann Charles’s books don’t sell very well during the holidays. “My covers have bloody weapons on them, and shriveled-up hands, doll eyeballs, and weird things—I tank at Christmas,” says the self-published author of the two mystery-romance series Deadwood and Jackrabbit Junction, which showcase the macabre and dark humor that their gory illustrated covers suggest.

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6 responses to “Creating a Genre of Her Own”

  1. I find it hard to consider it dark humor, perhaps you should read it before you write about it.

  2. Karen says:

    I don’t think her books are dark, just plain entertaining

  3. Michael Taylor says:

    Karen and Richard,I have to agree with you.
    Ann’s books are anything but dark.
    Ok so there are a few evil spirits,zombies etc.
    Its all part of the fun.
    I find myself laughing out loud with every book.
    They are fun,entertaining,hilarious reads.
    So what if they contain a few evil entities and bad guys?
    It’s all in good fun.

    Michael Taylor

  4. Sandy says:

    Ran across the Deadwood series on BookBub I’m hooked.

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