Posted on Feb 14, 2013
Some NEW Deadwood Mystery Series Love on Valentine’s Day

Some NEW Deadwood Mystery Series Love on Valentine’s Day

“You need to get your ass back in gear, Violet,” Old man Harvey told me. “The world’s still spinnin’.” —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

IT’S HERE!! No, not Valentine’s Day (well, actually, that’s here, too, and I hope you have a great 24 hours of love and hearts). I’m talking about the 4th book in the Deadwood Mystery Series, BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD. It’s finished and published as an ebook! You can find it on Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook websites. It will be in other digital distributors in the future, as well as printed books by early March 2013, but we need to pause to celebrate first. Virtual drinks on me—pick your poison.



Better off dead Final 150 DPI

In this newest book, the whole Deadwood gang is back for more craziness, fun, and bone-chilling adventure.

I’m not kidding. Below is the official back cover copy …

One dead body. One century-old haunted opera house. One zombie musical. One pissed-off detective.

Will Violet “Spooky” Parker keep her tail out of trouble or will she end up as one of Deadwood’s walking dead?

Included at the end of the book …

I had a fun time with my wonderful, talented team of Beta Readers for this fourth book, asking them to send me a list of questions for a “Speed Dating with Ann Charles” feature at the end of the story (in place of the usual “Five Fun Facts About Ann”).


“For the record, I refuse to be any part of a corpse reanimation,” I told Cornelius. —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

Zombie Rearview

What have I been doing? Writing, writing, writing …

Back in September, I sent an early letter to Santa, asking him to bring me a finished version of this fourth book. He wrote back and told me I was a borderline “naughty” list candidate per some things my sassy cat had written to him about me. Dang cat! Santa said I was on my own on this one and to write the book myself, so I did. I spent much of September through early January writing away. Now I’m very excited to share with you what over 200 very helpful Beta Readers helped me to finesse.


Cooper had been the one who tidied up the place? I imagined him with a dust mop in one hand and a semi-automatic machine gun in the other. —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

Back to Lead …

In this fourth book in the series, we are back in Lead, South Dakota, for much of the story, with the focus on the six story high Historic Homestake Opera House. I was lucky enough to be given a full tour of the building last summer while plotting this fourth story, exploring the amazing, almost century-old building, learning all about its history and the people who helped build, maintain, and take care of it over the years. If you ever make it to Lead, I encourage you to sign up for a tour of the Historic Homestake Opera House and see it with your own eyes. I tried to stay very true to the floor plan in my story so that if readers ever take the tour, they can picture Violet moving through the halls and rooms. Many thanks to those who are in charge of the opera house these days for allowing me to explore the lovely building!

The room smelled like cardboard, floor cleaner, and a hint of sweat. Wait—I sniffed my armpits. Good, it wasn’t me. —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

And the beat goes on …

This fourth book picks up a week after the last book ended, with many of the same characters in the story and a few new additions. Violet is trying to avoid trouble, but trouble just keeps finding her.

“Girl, we’re all capable of killin’ someone,” Harvey said. “It’s just a matter of if we choose to pick up the hatchet or not. —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

With much thanks to all of the amazing people who help me polish and create these books, I am excited to share with you this next chapter in Violet Parker’s life. There will be many more to come!

My “MOM” tattoo goes on this one …

I decided to dedicate this book to my mom, who has been my foot soldier on the street in Deadwood and Lead and the surrounding Black Hills since before I even published the first book in the series. She promotes, sells the books, makes sure the distributor and local stores are stocked up, hands out my promotional mini-books, talks me up at the grocery store in Lead, rides on parade floats that are promoting my books, and puts up with me calling and bugging her way too often. In fiction, I shower her with gold and diamonds. In reality, I tell her I love her and try to make her laugh whenever I can.

“Awww, come on, Mom,” Addy said. “That’s the past, let’s just move on with our lives and find happiness in love and forgiveness.” —BETTER OFF DEAD IN DEADWOOD

Ann on tour …

If you’re curious about upcoming book signings, I’ll be in:

  • Colorado Springs (Colorado) for the Left Coast Crime Convention at the March 20-23rd;
  • Kansas City (Missouri) for the Romantic Times Convention May 1-4th;
  • Deadwood and Lead July 8-16th for a fun Ann Charles Treasure hunt and multiple book signings;
  • Deadwood again September 19-22nd for the South Dakota Festival of Books.

(I’m working on fitting in a trip back to Northwest Ohio in August, but I have no firm dates yet.)

I’d love to meet any of you who can make it to a signing in person! I promise not to bite … well, if you’re eating something really tasty looking when you approach me, I reserve the right to nibble.

If you’re looking for me online …

As always, you can find me on Facebook under Ann Charles (personal page and official author page) on a daily basis if you feel like chatting with me and hearing from me more often. I also have a fun new Facebook Group site called Ann Charles’ Purple Door Saloon where readers and I hang out and chat about books, Deadwood and Jackrabbit characters, life, and more. Come on over and pull up a bar stool—drinks are free and there is always room for more players at the pool tables.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @DeadwoodViolet and @AnnWCharles.

I have some really cool new Pinterest boards where you can see fun pictures that go along with the different characters in my books. Follow them at:

I hope you have some fun mid-winter plans, whether traveling, spending time with friends and family, or just staying inside with a good book or movie.

Here are those book links again:



Take care,



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16 Responses to “Some NEW Deadwood Mystery Series Love on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Stan Edson says:

    Okay Ann I have read them all so far.
    When I came across these on the Barnes & Noble site I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I must say I have been quite surprised with this series. They are very entertaining and I really like the characters you have come up with.
    Thank You!
    When are we looking for number 5 to come out?

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Stan,
      Thank you for giving my books a chance. I’m glad you enjoyed the books!
      The 5th Deadwood book (An Ex to Grind in Deadwood) will be out in early September of this year.

      Take care,

  2. My husben an i would love to See another series Spin!!!!!!!!:-):-):-):-)

  3. Hi there. Just finished the 4th Deadwood Book and just love the series. Looking forward to the 5th. Keep up the wonderful work. Kathi

  4. Barbara Strongwater says:

    I really enjoy your Deadwood series, are you still writing can you up date your newsletter or website. Thank you.

  5. Debbie Minerich says:

    Hi Ann, I’m not a big fan of paranormal fiction but after becoming addicted to your Jackrabbit Junction series, I moved on to Violet and am looking forward to Valentine’s Day AND to the next opportunity to learn what surprises you have in store for Claire and her family and friends. Great reading and very entertaining. Glad you’re now a “full-time” author. Keep ‘em comin’!


    Hey are one busy lady! Love your books. Have them on kindle. Going to be in Deadwood before you in July..maybe can make it out again in September. Thanks for the GREAT ENTERTAINMENT!!!!

  7. Ekaterina Reier says:

    Ann, you are absolutely killing me! LOL I thought #4 was the last book of the series, because no more were available. I have read all of them in the past month. And…it appears that there are more to come! Could you please-please-please tell me the ETA on the next book??? I am an addict, I need to know when my next fix is coming!!!

    • AnnC says:

      Yeppers, there are many more to come, I just need to write, write, write. :)
      I’m currently writing the 3rd book in my Jackrabbit Junction series. When I finish this book, I will return to Deadwood and write the 5th in that series. I estimate it will be finished and available in early 2014. If you want to sign up for my newsletter, I’ll drop you a line when it’s done. You can also find me on Facebook if you hang out there. I’m very active on Facebook.
      Thanks for joining me in my Deadwood addiction. It’s no fun to be an addict alone. :)

  8. Samantha Grant says:

    I love… love…love this series! Please tell me you will be writing more Deadwood books! I’ve not been hooked on a series like this in years!

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Samantha! Sorry for my delaying in writing back–you caught me at the beginning of my long road trip down to Arizona where I did more research for my Jackrabbit Junction series. I’m thrilled that you enjoy my Deadwood series. It’s so much fun to write. As soon as I finish the third in my Jackrabbit series, I’ll be working on the fifth Deadwood book.
      Thank you for writing to me!

  9. Ann Galbraith says:

    Thank you for the Deadwood Mystery series. The 3 books were a Christmas gift my son and his girlfriend. Son Anthony Galbraith manages The Lodge at Deadwood and Amber Ranek is a realtor for Executive Lodging. I live in Northeast South Dakota. It is at the top of my shopping list to purchase your 4th book. Can’t wait to buy it now. Your characters are so interesting. Love that crazy old coot Harvey ! What a dirty old man. hahaha! Good luck with your writing ! I hope to meet you at the book signing in Deadwood in Sept.

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Ann,
      What a nice son you have (and his girlfriend, whose job I have fun exploring in fiction)! :) A big thanks to Anthony and Amber for sharing the books with you. I’m glad you enjoyed them! We’re working on getting the 4th book to the printer this week with goals of having it available both via Amazon and Barnes & Noble (and in stores back in Western South Dakota) in early March. Old man Harvey is so much fun to hang out with. He cracks me up whenever he is “on scene.” Thank you for the good luck wishes and for your support! I appreciate you writing to me.
      I’d love to get to say “Hi” this September during the South Dakota Festival of Books in Deadwood!

      Take care,

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