Posted on Feb 26, 2013
A Taste of the Goldwash Mystery Series Available Now

A Taste of the Goldwash Mystery Series Available Now

A Sizzling, Suspenseful SHORT STORY wrapped in a puzzling mystery that will leave you hungry for more!

**It’s “Groundhog Day” meets the modern day Old West!**

In the lonely mining ghost town of Goldwash, Nevada, Christmas has come early. Unfortunately, the local bar owner must be on this year’s naughty list, because Santa brought her something even worse than a piece of coal on this dark, cold winter night—her old man.

“It’s ALIVE!!!” Yay! My short story that gives a taste of the Goldwash Mystery series I am planning to write after I finish Jackrabbit #3 and Deadwood #5. This new series will be a mix of suspense, mystery, humor, romance, and western. It will be more gritty and spicy than my other two. NOTE PLEASE–Next week, this short story will be part of a free promotion on Wednesday and Thursday (March 6 & 7th). If you want to wait, you can get it for free next week. After the free promo, it will be just 99 cents, like it is now.

ALSO–if you bought Save Me, Santa last November, December, or January, this is the same story that I had in that anthology. However, I have added some illustrations to it drawn by Chuck Kunkle (there is a cool sign for the Ugly Rooster bar–love it!).

Here is the Amazon link, enjoy!

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8 Responses to “A Taste of the Goldwash Mystery Series Available Now”

  1. Gale Grainger says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your Jackrabbit and Deadwood books but have already read them all. When are you bringing out future books. I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting.

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Gale,
      Thank you for writing and for reading all of my books. The goal is to have the 5th Deadwood book out in August. Then I’ll have Quint Parker’s book (Violet’s brother) out this fall. Stay tuned for more fun to come! Take care, Ann

  2. Terry Justen- Griffith says:

    I hope you get the Deadwood series done before I die…..I have never followed an author before ….I love your writing and characters. Wish I had read these before I went to Deadwood.

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Terry,
      Maybe you can take another trip back to Deadwood someday. :) Thank you for reading my Deadwood series. I really appreciate you giving Violet and crew a chance to entertain you. Thanks for your kind comment, too. Stay tuned for more!

      Take care,

  3. Sharon Aebersold says:

    Ann have have thoroughly enjoyed your Deadwood and Jackrabbit Junction. However, I am really disappointed in your new series. I feel it is far to sexually explicit. I love your funny quips and look forward to reading more books but if they are all this explicit I will have to give second thoughts. Trust me I am no prude but enough is enough. Thanks for listening and I look forward to more great books.

    Your friend and reader

    • AnnC says:

      Thanks for reading my books and writing to me. I will always try new genre mixes in my books, but not everyone will like them all. I’m glad you enjoyed my Deadwood and Jackrabbit Junction series.

      Take care,

  4. Luci says:

    Ann, a friend recommended your Deadwood Series to me and I just finished the first book and LOVED IT :-) Hiding my Kindle behind my “in boxes” at my desk sneaking to read~ Starting the second book now…. You officially have a new fan!

    Memphis, Tennessee

    • AnnC says:

      Hi Luci,
      Thank you for giving my series a try and please thank your friend for me. I appreciate you writing to me and sneaking reads. LOL! I hope you get some chuckles from Violet’s adventures in the second book!

      Take care,

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