October with Ann—Squirrel Awareness Month and More!

Do you know where your squirrels are and what they are up to? Because apparently this is the month to be aware of them. Mine have gone on strike, insisting that I work them too hard. I don’t think 90 hour weeks are unreasonable for little creatures who talk as fast as they do, do you?

October is also the month to be aware of wild turkeys, as in my newest release THE WILD TURKEY TANGO.

The Wild Turkey Tango is running loose!


One gun + two turkeys + three Morgan sisters = One helluva Jeep ride!

It’s Thanksgiving Day in Jackrabbit Junction and the feathers are flying before the food even hits the table. What starts out as a quick trip to pick up a turkey turns into another messy Morgan sisters’ mystery filled with hijinks and adventure.

Never has Thanksgiving been so wild!

Grab your ebook, printed book, and/or audio book version of this Thanksgiving novella from the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series today and enjoy some holiday fun. http://bit.ly/WildTurkeyTango


Sign up to be a “Turkey Wrangler”

I need your help one more time this year with getting word out about a book—THE WILD TURKEY TANGO. Those of you who have helped me promote my books in 2016 have been amazing and I owe you an arm and leg for your help, but since the USPS frowns on shipping body parts, I’ve had to settle for Thank-You cards.

I’m waiting until after Halloween to promote this Thanksgiving themed novella, so all you have to do right now is sign up to be part of my Turkey Wrangler promo team. I have been having a blast gathering fun prizes for the promo team.


THE DETAILS FOR SIGNING UP—If you are interested in helping me let others know about the Morgan sisters crazy Thanksgiving adventure, send me an email by October 24, 2016 with your name and mailing address to reader@anncharles.com with the following in the subject line: WRANGLER FOR Turkey Tango. Instructions will be emailed to you after that date.

Sale Time!

For one week, DEAD CASE IN DEADWOOD (ebook only) is on sale for 99 cents. While you may already have this ebook, keep in mind you can “gift” an ebook to a friend or family member who you think might enjoy reading about Violet and Ol’ Man Harvey hanging out at Mudder Brothers Funeral Parlor. Gifting an ebook is easy–you just get the recipient’s email address and select to buy the book as a gift. Enter their email address, pay for the book, and bingo-bango, you are an awesome family member/friend/stalker/stranger/fellow book lover.

Contest Alert. Contest Alert.

New Website Contest

I’m within a couple of weeks of unveiling my brand new website! Woo hoo! You’ll still be able to find me at anncharles.com, but the website will have a whole new look and feel. To celebrate the new look, we’ll be having a Website Treasure Hunt contest with some fun prizes. Stay tuned for more information on how you can enter to play along and possibly win, win, win!

Lovin’ My Library is Returning!

This is what the donor and the library win.

For those of you who were around last year, you may remember our Lovin’ My Library contest. You nominated your favorite library to be a recipient of two of my printed books and if your library’s name was drawn, we sent them the books with a card explaining that you were the gift giver. We’ll be running this contest again during the “Season of Giving” (aka between Thanksgiving and Christmas), so stay tuned for an opportunity to have NEARLY DEPARTED IN DEADWOOD and OPTICAL DELUSIONS IN DEADWOOD sent to your favorite library in your honor.

What’s Next?

Deadwood Mystery Series Coloring Books

I’m in the process of putting together an adult coloring book filled with illustrations and images you know and love from the Deadwood Mystery Series books. I will be selling these books through my website, so if you or someone you know enjoys coloring as a stress reliever, plan on checking it out.

2017 Calendars

It’s almost that time of year again. I’ll be putting together a poll for you to choose pictures that I’ve taken in 2017 and posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The top 12 will be included in an autographed 2017 calendar that will be available through my new website.

Upcoming releases

While my squirrels may be on strike, my fingers have been busy writing my knuckles off. Coming in January 2017, stay tuned for a new Deadwood Shorts starring Violet and Natalie and a lot of tequila.

In February 2017, I’ll be releasing the second book in the Dig Site Mystery series titled, MAKE NO BONES ABOUT IT. Quint and Angelica are back at it–digging up mysteries both old and new in the Maya dirt. Stay tuned for more adventures, laughs, sexy sparks, and drops of sweat in the Mexican heat.

That’s enough for now!!!

Whew! I’m tired just thinking about all of this. And on top of it all, I have to find more squirrels.

I hope you’re enjoying the start of autumn and I appreciate all of your support in 2016.


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