Once Upon a Summer Day…

Wow, it’s summer already!  Where did spring go?

It seems like I went “dark” for a few months here on my website.  We decided to sell our house this year and spent February and March AND April prepping it for sale.  We went through the fun of open house for a bit in May.  Luckily, we sold it that month.  Then we started the new fun of buying another place so we could make it into a new home before school started for my kids down in Arizona.  The good news is that we found a new house and I’ll have an office to write from instead of my living room couch (see my office below—yay!).

My new office

I haven’t been as active hanging out online as we went through the fun of selling/buying/and now moving.  However, there is good news—in between all of the insanity here, I kept writing and Deadwood #5 (An Ex to Grind in Deadwood) will be available in late summer (aka early September) as an ebook and printed book.  Stay tuned for a cover sneak peek in my next newsletter in July or early August.

Jackrabbit Sale

For the first time since its release back in January, The Great Jackalope Stampede will be on sale on June 28th for only 99 cents.  If you haven’t bought this third book in my Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series, now is a great time to add it to your collection!


“Claire Morgan had forgotten one of the most important rules of survival—to keep her big mouth shut.”

The Great Jackalope Stampede is on sale on June 28, 2014 for .99!  You are introduced to Claire’s older sister, Ronnie, in this third book in the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series.

“A layer of shine on her lips made her feel more human.  A fluff of her curls helped bolster her spirits even more.”  Ronnie brings a bit of trouble and a lot of entertainment to the Dancing Winnebago’s RV park.

Find out how Claire deals with her sister and all of her new challenges in this latest book.  “She had a nose for strangers in these parts, and with their pristine cowboy hats and shiny boots, they smelled plenty fishy.” Claire Morgan in The Great Jackalope Stampede

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1b09wWI

Barnes and Noble: bit.ly/1gFOaC7

iTunes: bit.ly/V6aJuY

KOBO: bit.ly/1m0TTGF

GJS  Ebook cover Final

The Jackrabbit Junction Mystery Series on Audio

I have more fun stuff to share that I’ve been working on while prepping to move across the country.  All three books of the Jackrabbit Junction Mystery series are now available as audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.  If you are taking a long flight, road trip or just want to listen to the stories instead of read them while gardening, knitting, or blocking out your loved ones (ha ha ha), now you can enjoy listening to Claire, Kate, and Ronnie’s wacky adventures.

Stay Tuned for More

I’ll keep this short and sweet for now and get back to packing boxes. The moving truck will be here soon (GULP!!!).

Thank you for being so patient with me during my relocation to the Arizona mountains.  Stay tuned in July for more information on Deadwood #5, An Ex To Grind in Deadwood, and some opportunities to win some cool prizes!

Have a wonderful rest of June.


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6 responses to “Once Upon a Summer Day…”

  1. Gay Lawrence says:

    I have been an avid reader of your Deadwood series from day one. Funny, touching, romantic and with my favorite element the , paranormal . I am a working artist at one of the animation studios in Burbank, California and as an artist I can visualize all if the faces and locations if your wonderful stories. I truly love them all but it has been hard to anticipate book 5. Perhaps the crazy noises, Albino , the demon and Violet’s ex will all come together? Anyway thanks for writing such amazing books, can not wait until book 5.

    • Ann Charles says:

      Hi Gay,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad you enjoy Violet and her Deadwood pals. I have a lot of fun writing that series and seeing what trouble they get into next. I’m thrilled that you can visualize everything so well. Maybe someday you could visit Deadwood, SD and see the place in person to see if it matches what you picture. I try to keep much of the setting true to life, just add some fictional buildings here and there. The Opera House in Lead is a real place and the tour is great. I worked with a volunteer there to keep the description accurate for those who would someday visit the Opera House and want to experience the mix of fiction and non-fiction. Anyway, I’m going on and on here. I hope you enjoy Deadwood #5. It will be out around the end of August. If you sign up for my newsletter or “friend” me on FB, you’ll catch wind of the release news there (if you haven’t already done either).
      Take care,

  2. Gloria Jones says:

    I am an avid reader and a true fan of your books. If you decide to sell the rights to these books for a movie or TV series, the person to play Willis Harvey is the actor that played Mike Frank’s on NCIS. Every time Harvey opens his mouth, I see Mike Frank’s face.
    Your books are so funny, adventurous, scarcely and wonderful. Please keep them coming.

  3. lynn says:

    When is the next deadwood book #6 comming out?

  4. elizabeth says:

    Love your books cant wait for the 6th book of the deadwood series hope it comes out soon.

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