The Lowdown Dirty Dozen: Twelve Questions for Doc Nyce

Below are the interview questions/answers with Doc Nyce that are mentioned at the end of MEANWHILE, BACK IN DEADWOOD…

1.    Why did you decide to be a financial planner?

I’ve always been good at dabbling with numbers. Helping people make more money comes easy for me. Financial planning is relatively uncomplicated, unlike ghosts … and the opposite sex.

2.    Has there ever been a significant other in your life?

There have been a few women here and there over the years. But in retrospect, I’ve always kept my distance. Until I moved to Deadwood.

3.    Is marriage in your future?

I don’t know. I’m a medium, not a fortune teller.

4.    Speaking of your medium abilities, have you ever met anyone else like you?

I’ve met several mediums, but our skills vary. To date, I have yet to meet a medium who senses ghosts the way I do.

5.    Do you want kids?

Being a father is not something I’ve sought due to the obstacles that result from my so-called “gift.” However, that doesn’t mean I’m averse to the idea of raising children.

6.    Does Cooper make a good roommate?

Well, he hasn’t shot me so far, so I’d say it’s a good start.

7.    What’s Cooper’s first name?

If I tell you that, I’ll have to change my previous answer.

8.    Do you have any juicy gossip about Cooper to share with all of the Cooper fans out there? Does he talk in his sleep or mention any particular female?

You’re trying to get me shot, aren’t you? Let’s see, juicy gossip … well, contrary to what Violet believes, he really is just a regular guy. He drinks his coffee black and whiskey neat, likes to talk about muscle cars and motorcycles, sucks at poker, and hits the bullseye at the shooting range every damned time. I don’t know if he talks in his sleep, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he sleeps with one eye open like an old-time gunslinger. As for the female population, besides his ongoing irritation with my girlfriend, he doesn’t kiss and tell, and I don’t ask.

9.    Okay, let’s take a break from Detective Cooper and get back to you. What are some of your favorite movies?

Off the top of my head, the original Planet of the Apes, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ravenous, and Blazing Saddles.

10.What or who was the most interesting ghost experience you’ve had to date?

Prudence from the Carhart house has been the most interesting—and the most unnerving. The first time I traded places with Prudence, she knocked the wind out of me. No ghost has ever pulled me in that deep before.

11.What traits do you look for in a partner?

Someone who has a strong will, laughs easily, is genuine and accepting. You know, the typical executioner with blonde curly hair and plenty of curves.

12.Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Like I said, I’m not a fortune teller. But I will tell you that with all of the bizarre mysteries Violet keeps getting sucked into, I’m guessing I’ll still be right here with her, holding on for dear life.

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