Violet’s SECRET Book Club (from the end of Deadwood #5) SPOILER ALERT!!!


SPOILER ALERT!!! If you’re reading this post, it is assumed that you’ve read the first FIVE books in the Deadwood Mystery Series, as well as the two Deadwood Shorts books.

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Welcome to my Deadwood Mystery Series book club, a place where you can talk about the books, characters, story lines, and more! This is meant to be a fun, safe place where we can all go to talk about what has happened in the stories and speculate what may come.

Let’s Talk Deadwood!

To get the discussion started, here are some fun questions/thoughts from one of my long-time beta readers, Lucinda Nelson (thank you, Lucinda, for getting the ball rolling!):

  1. Does the albino dude not know Violet when he sees her outside the boarding house at the end because it was, in fact, his brother she killed at Mudder Brothers Funeral Parlor and also confronted during the seance? The brother is the one who said, “You again.”
  2. Is whoever took Layne’s pic off the mirror in fact interested in Layne? Or are they interested in Zoe’s mirror that is also present in the picture?
  3. If this Executioner role is an inheritance, does Addie have the ability as well? And why not Zoe? Of course, we don’t know that she doesn’t.
  4. Regarding all of the talk from Doc about being drawn to protecting Violet—is that like in “The Mummy Returns” where Rick turned out to be a Medji, bound to protect Evie as the reincarnation of the Pharaoh’s daughter? I have thought from the beginning that Violet and Doc might be bound together by something besides love/lust. In this book, Vi talks about feeling “blind” without her guide through the metaphysical reality. Does every Executioner have a partner who has the ability to interact with the world of spirit?
  5. Regarding Freesia—is she what she seems? She certainly indicated some knowledge of “what you do” to Violet. One might assume she meant the Spooky Parker stuff, but somehow I think there’s more. Would it be over thinking to believe the flower names are significant?
  6. Natalie and Cooper—I like it and hoped it would happen. (I know, I know. It hasn’t happened yet.) It will be interesting to see if Cooper believes Violet and Doc. Of course, we need to find out what’s going on at Harvey’s ranch. I’m assuming that perhaps whatever is biting off heads and dragging bodies into the bottom of the mine is also creeping around at Harvey’s. But why there?
  7. Oh, and a blast from the past—I keep forgetting to mention it, but in the 2nd book, there was a pregnant gal having lunch with that nutcase, Lila in some restaurant Violet went to. Then when Lila had Violet tied up at the house, she mentioned that they had some girl who was supposed to have the demon seed, but something happened to her. Whatever happened to that girl and will she show back up at some point?
  8. If Ms. Wolfe is one of those albino whatevers, then some of them must be good or at least neutral. Since the weapon used to decapitate George Mudder didn’t shrink his head, it must only shrink other albinos’ heads. I wonder why?


NOTE: You are welcome to talk about any of these discussion points/questions in the comments section below or to throw out some other questions, ideas, discussion threads, etc. There is no stupid question or thought. This is a free thinking place meant to be somewhere you all can talk openly without worry of someone complaining because they haven’t read the book or books yet.


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